Are we preaching to the converted?

On Monday evening I got to meet my idol.

I attended a talk by Peter Singer at Conway Hall in London on Effective Altruism.

Peter Singer is a modern day philosopher.  His theories on everything from the treatment of animals in factory farming to the neglect of those suffering in far away countries are not just abstract philosophy but practical discussions of real issues.  And he doesn’t just discuss them, he puts his money where his mouth and donates much of his income to charity and is vegetarian.

His book Animal Liberation convinced me to become vegetarian and set me on a path to veganism and Effective Altruism.

This talk was about Effective Altruism and his new book The Most Good You Can Do and you can imagine my excitement


Peter Singer The Most Good You Can Do


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The Most Good WE Can Do

A review of Peter Singer’s new book; The Most Good You Can Do

You may have noticed that throughout my blog I have mentioned the modern day philosopher Peter Singer as an inspiration.  His book Animal Liberation, which I studied at university, contributed to my turning vegetarian.  Practical Ethics cemented for me the idea that I should really be vegan and, alongside The Life You Can Save and a few other sources, inspired me to donate 5% of my income to effective charities.  Most importantly of course it inspired this blog.

Understandably then I had high hopes for Peter Singer’s latest book; The Most Good You Can Do  and I was not disappointed.  This book is a brilliant introduction to how you can do more good in the world with inspiring examples of ordinary people saving lives.

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A history of how this blog began

If you’ve spent any time here you’ll see I am passionate about making the world a better place.

I imagine that is probably true of most people.

If you’re anything like me you’ve probably spent time wondering how exactly, in a world full of so many issues (and opportunities) you can do that.

This blog is full of my current best answers to that question.

So how did I start on this particular path?

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