Experience Poverty 2015: Day 3 – Deworm the World Initiative

EvidenceAction_red (2)As I might have mentioned a few times(!) this week I, as part of the Effective Altruism Brighton group, am struggling through Experience Poverty; living on £1.50 a day for food to raise awareness that half the world have to do this every day!

So far I am half way through and it has already been an interesting week.  It’s made me think about how lucky I am for so many things I take for granted especially such easy access to medicine.

Alongside the personal challenge and the conversations about poverty this is sparking this is also about raising money for one of the most effective charities; Deworm the World.  So far we’ve raised an amazing £240 for them and I am so grateful to everyone who’s sponsored us.  If you’ve kindly already sponsored this post will show what a difference you’ve made.

If you’re thinking about sponsoring here’s why there are few charities that do more good than Deworm the World.

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Sadly I don’t have much time to share with you all this week.  By day I am an event coordinator and I’m organising our largest national conference next week which is…mildly time consuming!

Therefore I share with you a simple yet poignant story of what Schistosomiasis does to a young mother, a sad story that repeats for her children and and her children’s children…