7 Tips for More Cost-Effective Giving

Have you taken the Giving What We Can pledge? Maybe you’re trying giving. Or you’ve switched your old donations to more effective ones. Perhaps you’re fundraising for effective charities.

Whatever you are doing it’s fantastic.

Thanks to Giving What We Can we know donating to a top charity makes a huge difference. What you might be missing to make your giving go even further are just a few tips on the method or timing of your giving.

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10 ways to save money and lives

I wrote recently about how supporting Fair Trade products when you go shopping may not be the most effective way to help those in poverty. But the idea of making a difference every time you go shopping is an attractive one. And it can still be done.

By taking the Giving What We Can pledge you can make a truly significant difference to the lives of people living in extreme poverty. 10% may seem like a lot but it doesn’t take too many changes to save a significant amount of money.

This is the first in a series of easy ethical changes you can make to do more good.

Why not try some of these 10 spending swaps and donate the money saved to effective charities?

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Why financial education matters for smarter giving

This academic year, financial education was made part of the compulsory national curriculum in the UK for the first time.

This is fantastic news for young people, but also potentially for effective altruism. Most effective altruists that I have met have a good understanding of finance and economics, which is unsurprising in a movement which seeks to do the most good by giving. However, to spread effective altruism on a large scale, we need to be mindful that large numbers of people have a poor understanding of personal finance.

Learning time

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