What did we learn living on less?

Over the last couple of weeks Coralie then Larissa and Barry have lived on £1.50 a day for a week and five days respectively.

Why did we do it?

UNICEF-IF-300x246 (1)We wanted to raise awareness of the terrible plight of so many people across the world and do something to help.   This challenge perfectly combines raising awareness with taking action by raising money for Deworm the World.

Half of the world lives on less than £905 a year of which around 65% is spent on food.  That figure is adjusted for the buying power of different countries!  Can you imagine living on the small amount of food we’ve been eating all your life?

That’s why the challenge was to live on £1.50 a day for food.  65% of £905 divided by 365.   Yes that’s £1.61 but £1.50 is a nice round number.

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Experience Poverty 2015: Day 5 – My Final Day

My final day of Experience Poverty is nearly over.

What a five days it has been.

wpid-20150501_181851.jpgToday was a little like the last couple of miles of a long distance run.  Hard because of all that’s come before and yet easier because you know it’s nearly over.

Where I work we’re fortunate enough to always have a Friday coffee morning where we get free cake or fruit and coffee together.  Today I had to forgo my beloved Americano and granola treat but this latest refusal lead to another great conversation about why I was doing this and the impact we can all have on poverty.

I was quite lucky to have a lot my porridge and slightly more than expected of my noodles left by the end of the week.  I always do this when eating meals I make in batches, I never quite split the portions right.  A real bonus by the end of the week!

My last meal; the last of the rice and a little bit of the noodles that were left.  I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

Keep an eye out.  Coralie, Barry and I will be sharing our own experiences on Tuesday so you can hear what we each found best and worst and what we learned.

So far collectively we’ve raised £593 for Deworm the World.  There’s still time to sponsor us. Please donate and help add to our final total.  If we could make it to £660 we’d have raised enough between us to treat 2000 people for a year.

Experience Poverty 2015: Day 3 – Deworm the World Initiative

EvidenceAction_red (2)As I might have mentioned a few times(!) this week I, as part of the Effective Altruism Brighton group, am struggling through Experience Poverty; living on £1.50 a day for food to raise awareness that half the world have to do this every day!

So far I am half way through and it has already been an interesting week.  It’s made me think about how lucky I am for so many things I take for granted especially such easy access to medicine.

Alongside the personal challenge and the conversations about poverty this is sparking this is also about raising money for one of the most effective charities; Deworm the World.  So far we’ve raised an amazing £240 for them and I am so grateful to everyone who’s sponsored us.  If you’ve kindly already sponsored this post will show what a difference you’ve made.

If you’re thinking about sponsoring here’s why there are few charities that do more good than Deworm the World.

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Experience Poverty 2015: Day 2 – Taken for granted

I’m a bit worried that I have a problem.  Either I am still a bit ill from the weekend or I have such an extreme caffeine addiction that even giving up my usual, admittedly 7 or so, decaffeinated coffees a day is just too much for me.  I started feeling quite tired and got a headache yesterday afternoon and that has continued all day today.

If it is the caffeine I can’t imagine what this would have been like if I hadn’t given up regular caffeinated coffee a couple of months ago!

I really hope I am just ill.

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Experience Poverty 2015 Begins

Today is the day Effective Altruism Brighton, myself included, starts their five days of Experience Poverty where we live on £1.50 a day to raise money for the Deworm the World Initiative (I’ll be posting more about them later in the week).

You can read about why we’ve taken up this challenge in this recent blog post.

Ethically Bankrupt blogger Coralie (AKA ElSkief) finished her week of Experience Poverty yesterday and we’ll both be sharing our experiences with you early next week.

This week Barry, one of the Effective Altruism Brighton members and I will each be sharing short daily updates of how we get on.

Keep up with Barry’s updates here and mine here.


Please donate

Stay tuned for our daily struggles and some fun pictures and please do make it all worth it by donating.

Donating £3.33 provides a year’s treatment for 10 people.


Wish us luck!