8 ways to shop more ethically

Long time readers may remember that many of the positive changes I am trying to make – around which this blog is based – were nudged along by my Day Zero List.  One task from this list of my 1001 things to do in 101 days was to make 5 ethical swaps.   As I began writing this I thought I had been slacking and had one left to go but I realise I also switched my e-reader so I can tick this one off.  Brilliant!

In this – the third and final part of my easy ethical changes series – I’ll share with you the swaps I’ve made for this task plus a few other ideas I’d like to try.  I’ll need you all to help hold me to trying at least one!

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Why Buy Ethically?

What is Ethical Consumerism?  Why do I avoid Amazon? Do companies really still use child labour? Can changing your mp3 download site or supermarket really make a difference?

In this third and final installment of my introductory Why? series I look at the final element of my Practically Ethics blog; Why Buy Ethically?

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