The birth of Effective Altruism Brighton

Do you want to make a difference in the world but with such a range of important issues out there you don’t know where to start? Perhaps you donate to charity but feel you could be doing more somehow? Are you looking for new ways to volunteer in your community? If you’re reading this blog […]

The Day Zero Project

What have you always wanted to do? Sky Dive? Volunteer abroad? Take a pottery course? Learn French?

And what are you waiting for? More time. More money. To summon the courage. Tomorrow.

The Day Zero Project helps you achieve those dreams, big or small, by motivating you to commit to them, share your intentions and just do it. No more infinite tomorrows for you to put your life on hold for. Live your life now.

What kind of fundraiser are you?

There are a couple of big things you, yes you, can do to help support some of the most effective causes.  You can tell people about them and you can get money for them. Fundraising for effective charities is an ideal way of doing both. All you need is passion and time. According to Just Giving the average […]