How to change the world in seconds

Got an hour? A minute? Just seconds? Good news: you can change the world in that time

In my last post, I talked about the Global Goals and why they are so important.

We have the power to end extreme poverty, in our own lifetimes, for good. No generation has ever been able to say that before, and it is vital we act now to make a world without extreme poverty a reality.

We need everyone to contribute if we want ending poverty to be high on the agenda of world leaders, but the good news is you can make a difference however much time you have to give.


If you have…..



Spread the word about the Global Goals and make them famous.

Ordinary people can’t influence politicians on issues they don’t know about. The ambitious aim of Project Everyone is to get to spread the message about the Global goals to 7 billion people to reach in 7 days – everyone in the world  –   between Saturday 26th September and Friday 2nd October 2015.

Everyone from the UN to the biggest corporate and media brands are getting involved; you can too by sharing, tweeting and starting conversations about the Global Goals with everyone you know.  

Link to and hashtag #telleveryone, or choose an image from the Global Goals site to share online or print out and display in your workplace or community.



If you’re at university:knobs-636536_1280

Share the Global Goals in more detail by writing a piece for your student newspaper or magazine, or by talking about them on your university radio station. You can even host your own unique radio programme with special content from Project Everyone by signing up your radio station to Radio Everyone.


Email your MP:

Tell them why the Global Goals matter to you and call on the UK government to help make them a reality. This shows MPs that ordinary voters in their constituency – the people they really need to impress – place a high value on international development and working to reduce global poverty.


Check out Global Citizen 

Find out more about global issues, add your name to petitions and take action for amazing rewards.


Find out which charities are the most effective in the world at Giving What We Can 

You can make your charitable donations go further and end extreme poverty sooner by switching your giving to the charities which are proven to make the biggest impact in the most cost effective ways.


….More than an hour

World’s Largest Lesson

happy-children-876541_1280If you’re a teacher, youth worker or work with children or young people in any other capacity, there are fantastic resources available to involve them in the Global Goals and support them to take actions of their own.

The World’s Largest Lesson  has everything you need to create a display, give an assembly or deliver a series of lessons on the Global Goals. Or you could support young people to come up with their own solutions; Design for Change empowers children and young people to make changes within their communities while teaching them about empathy, ethics and community engagement.


Host an event to raise awareness of the Global Goals.

Myself and Larissa have a sustainable clothes swap planned for October in Brighton. We’ll be raising money for Oxfam and will have information about the Global Goals on display. Why not host your own event? You could raise money for an effective charity by hosting a comedy night, dinner dance, auction, open mic, poetry slam, tea party…the list is endless.

If music is your thing, you can take part in Oxjam, Oxfam’s nationwide music festival to raise funds for the charity. Or you could organise an event to raise awareness of the Global Goals, such as a talk, debate or film screening. Be warned though – you might have so much fun you end up setting up your own not for profit promotions company, like we did – [].


Take part in an event someone else has organised.Action2015

For starters, Action/2015 are gathering people to London’s Millennium Bridge on Thursday 24th September 2015 to send a powerful message to world leaders. Find out more and join here.




There you have it. Ways to change the world within any time frame.

So what are you waiting for?


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