Experience Poverty 2015: Day 5 – My Final Day

My final day of Experience Poverty is nearly over.

What a five days it has been.

wpid-20150501_181851.jpgToday was a little like the last couple of miles of a long distance run.  Hard because of all that’s come before and yet easier because you know it’s nearly over.

Where I work we’re fortunate enough to always have a Friday coffee morning where we get free cake or fruit and coffee together.  Today I had to forgo my beloved Americano and granola treat but this latest refusal lead to another great conversation about why I was doing this and the impact we can all have on poverty.

I was quite lucky to have a lot my porridge and slightly more than expected of my noodles left by the end of the week.  I always do this when eating meals I make in batches, I never quite split the portions right.  A real bonus by the end of the week!

My last meal; the last of the rice and a little bit of the noodles that were left.  I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

Keep an eye out.  Coralie, Barry and I will be sharing our own experiences on Tuesday so you can hear what we each found best and worst and what we learned.

So far collectively we’ve raised £593 for Deworm the World.  There’s still time to sponsor us. Please donate and help add to our final total.  If we could make it to £660 we’d have raised enough between us to treat 2000 people for a year.

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