Experience Poverty 2015: Day 4 – Water

Nearly there now, only tomorrow to go.  I am getting very bored of the same three meals each day and particularly of water.

Porridge. Noodles. Rice. Repeat.

Porridge. Noodles. Rice. Repeat.

wpid-20150501_105419.jpgI think I’ve been very fortunate though.  As I mentioned in an earlier post I am a little lady and don’t need as many calories as average as there’s less of me to fuel.  I wasn’t very well at the beginning of the week and that coupled with a furore of meetings have meant I’ve been rather lazy with my exercise so I’ve had enough calories.  Generally I’ve gone to bed hungry because I’m so hungry at dinner I eat too early but I’m not too bad during the day.

I realise how used to snacking I am.  I always have rice cakes or something in my draw and I specifically have a challenge on my Day Zero List to go a month without sweets, crisps, chocolate or cake because of the amounts of little treats I tend to eat.

It does make me think do I really need all of these extras?

Don’t mistake me, I am by no means saying that this week’s diet is sufficient, it’s barely supporting the desk job activity of a petite woman.  I’m not sharing my food with children, the endless water I’m drinking is clean and a few steps – not a few miles – away.

I think in wealthier nations like the United Kingdom it is so easy to go too far the other way.  So many times this week I’ve craved a snack not because I’m hungry but because it’s a habit or because I’m bored.   I like the taste of fizzy drinks but my body far from needs them.

I need to remember treats are treats, not mindless actions I don’t notice.  I should enjoy what I have.

And water is really very good for me…

…I’ve just realised I started this post saying I was bored of water

750 million people around the world lack access to safe water according to Water.org.

Approximately 1 in 9 people.

I just looked that up.


I take it back.


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