Barry’s Experience Poverty Blog: Day 4

Thursday 30th April 2015:

Now this maybe pure coincidence, however I awoke this morning and I have a rash appear on my back, legs and neck. Itches BAD! Give it till Monday if no better, off to the quack.

Breakfast 6:30 am. Nothing!

Bread all gone. PANIC! Don’t fancy rice for breakfast, but it might come to that!

Lunch 1:00 pm. Rice and Soy Sauce

Well, it’s food, that’s all I can say about this!
Concentration is starting to wander a bit today, but that might be because I woke up early and am a bit tired. More water….


“Dinner” 8:00 pm. Beans

Tired and hungry. Just beans tonight. Hmmmmmm

Just one more day to go! Sleep well everyone!


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