Barry’s Experience Poverty Blog: Day 3

Wednesday 29th April 2015

Half way through and if I’m totally honest, I can’t bloody wait till it’s over!

I can’t say that this experiment is enjoyable, but on a really strange level (and in fear of sounding incredibly pretentious) it is giving me a sense of wellbeing.

I now have to qualify that statement.  I don’t mean that I feel physically good, quite the opposite, it is really awful feeling even mildly hungry and miss chips like mad.  I got thinking this morning, I remember as a kid, whining to my mum “I’m starving” after just a scant couple of hours after a large, steaming bowl of ready brek with half a dozen spoons of sugar stirred into it.  Kids eh? If only they knew the half of it!! What I mean is that it is the sense of wellbeing that comes from the knowledge that we are doing some good from the inconvenience. Deworming and bringing some modicum of relief as a result of our own momentary discomfort.

Anyway enough of me making more of what I’m doing than it really is! On with my delighting you with tales of my time in gastronomic purgatory!

Breakfast 8:00 am. 1 slice of toast.

I am down to just 4 slices of bread.  So just one for this morning as I plan on having soup tonight and need something a bit more substantial then the thin soup in the “Smart Price” range!!

Lunch 12:15 pm. Noodles and Soy Sauce.

Noodles again.  OK I actually quite like the noodles, they are reasonably filling and you can’t go too wrong with them.  I just prefer to not have them 2 -3 times a week!






Dinner 6:30 pm. “Smart Price” vegetable soup.

This soup is not nice! Very thin and, well, bland.  Still no salt to liven it up a bit.  I’m sure one day I’ll look back on these blogs and laugh!

Off to roleplaying (no it’s not THAT kind of roleplaying you crazy kids!!)

Confession! 12:30 am.

At roleplaying tonight round my mate’s house, I forgot myself and ate some sweets.  Will think up some suitable penance.

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