Barry’s Experience Poverty Blog: Day 2

Tuesday 28th April 2015

Managed to make it through the night, woohoo!

It’s amazing how becoming increasingly aware of the plight of others, brings home just how lucky I am.  I get out of my comfy bed, shower in water that is clean enough to drink, put on freshly laundered clothes, put the telly on and watch Game of Thrones that I recorded on Sky last night.  All stuff I take for granted in my comfortable little world.  I must never forget just how privileged I am.

Wearing my fave t-shirt today.

fav tshirst

Breakfast 7:30 am. 2 slices of toast.

Dry toast is something that I would not recommend for breakfast, certainly not without a LOT of fluid!

Had to go into the office today, I made a decision that I’d not bring any lunch with me and to come home after my meetings and take lunch when I got back.

By 11 o’clock however, I was hungry.  This I told myself was probably more psychosomatic than actual, I mean, it’s only been one day!  Drank a litre of water in about an hour, more as something to do rather than being thirsty.

Meetings done, homeward bound!


“Lunch” 2:30 pm. Rice and chilli beans with 2 slices of bread.

lunchThe chilli beans were not what I imagined (hoped), but when you’re a bit hungry, it doesn’t matter so much.  Bulked it out with bread to add a little variety, need to be careful though as I am going to run out before the end of the week. This thought makes me strangely nervous!

Still chugging water, the blessing of domestic plumbing!


Dinner 7:30 pm.  Half a tin of “Smart Price” beans on 3 slices of toast.

dinnerARRRGHHHH My toaster has a slight malfunction and burns a slice! Sod it, I’ll be eating it anyway, can’t afford not to.

Miss putting tabasco sauce on the beans.

Well its now midnight and I am ready to sleep.  More thrilling stories tomorrow!

Published by 24joy, written by Barry

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