Experience Poverty 2015: Day 2 – Taken for granted

I’m a bit worried that I have a problem.  Either I am still a bit ill from the weekend or I have such an extreme caffeine addiction that even giving up my usual, admittedly 7 or so, decaffeinated coffees a day is just too much for me.  I started feeling quite tired and got a headache yesterday afternoon and that has continued all day today.

If it is the caffeine I can’t imagine what this would have been like if I hadn’t given up regular caffeinated coffee a couple of months ago!

I really hope I am just ill.

wpid-20150428_211147.jpgThis all made me realise how much I take painkillers, medicines and even things like multivitamins for granted.  They are so easily available, just languishing in the bottom of my handbag as a never ending supply I don’t even think.

I stay up late writing blogs, reading, planning events or watching television and can drink coffee, tea, energy drinks or take Berocca to compensate if I need to power through the next day.  I’m not forced to work long, physically intensive hours to provide for my family but I have plenty available to reduce any, most self inflicted, discomfort.

One thing the challenge has done for me so far is make me notice all the things I take for granted.  Colleagues constantly offering a tea run, easily accessible water, a microwave to reheat my £1.50 meals!

Even now I am writing on my own laptop, reaching out to the world wrapped in bed with microwaveable slippers and a big thick duvet.

I hope I remember not take these things for granted and to enjoy all the small luxuries I am so fortunate to enjoy.

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