Barry’s Experience Povert Blog: Day 1

Monday 27th April 2015:

I’ll not pretend that this experience poverty event will give me even the slightest familiarity of how the world’s hundreds of millions poorest live form day to day.

Restricting my daily food budget to £1.50 a day may mean that towards the end of the five days, I might start to feel a bit hungrier, maybe a little more tired, a bit inconvenienced by the restriction on variety of food that is available.  I’ll not, however, have to experience what it’s like to walk 5 miles to get water, suffer because the lack of basic (and not so basic) medicines, become exhausted due to hot/cold climate or succumb to the numerous illnesses because everyone has to defecate in the street.

What it will enable me to do though, is raise some awareness and some cash for preventing tropical diseases caused by parasitic worms.

OK, on with recording what I am experiencing!

First off, here’s my shopping list:

Bread £1
Noodles £0.98
2x Baked beans £0.48
2x Soup £0.48
2x Chilli beans £0.76
Rice £1.78
Soy Sauce £2.48
Total   £7.96



As you can see I couldn’t actually get it to £1.50 a day but I did think that the Soy Sauce was more than five days’ worth (alright I guess you could argue that I failed!).

So what have I eaten today?


Lunch 12:30

Lunch Day 1“Smart Price” Tomato Soup and 4 slices of bread

I’ll be brutally honest here, I took one spoonful of this and thought “this is quite bland and could really do with some salt and pepper” then remembered I hadn’t bought any from within my budget! I then realised just how priviledged I am that even though it was probably sufficient nutritionally, the cheaper soup was offensive to my delicate palate!  Need to become far less precious!


Dinner 17:00

Dinner Day 1Noodles and soy sauce

I found that I got hungry quite a bit earlier.  That’s what happens when you don’t snack or have glasses of Pepsi.  Fortunately I was working from home so could cook a bit earlier. Hunger was sated after I ate it, but now its five and a half hours later I’m feeling a bit peckish.  Only 6 hours till I can have some dry toast (butter/spread was not in budget), so looking forward to that!

The key thing is keeping as hydrated as possible, so guzzling loads of water (yep, I totally get that I can simply go to the tap and get water which I haven’t had to hike for and that won’t have a 50% chance of poisoning me).  Does mean that I am weeing like a stag though, so constantly back and forth to the loo.

OK it’s time for me to sign off.  I’ll write again to let you know how I got through day 2!

Posted by 24joy, written by Barry

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