Introducing Coralie, A.K.A El Skief

Hi! I’m Coralie, I’m 25 years old and live in South London.  I have been trying to make conscious efforts to be a more ethical person for several years now. Finding myself underemployed while taking a break from studying to be a speech and language therapist, I decided to start writing about how Effective Altruism can be practiced on a tight budget. Thanks to Larissa letting me write a regular feature on her lovely shiny blog, Ethically Bankrupt was born. I’m hoping to use this space to write about getting the most bang for your (small) buck, impactful acts of altruism that don’t cost a penny and report on my up and down (and possibly down and out) attempts at a more ethical life. I have been friends with Larissa since school, and we have previously worked together organising good music for good causes via Skief Promotions. When not learning how to try and be a better person, I have fun in my work as a carer for disabled children, read lots of books and try to work off my vast ice cream consumption through yoga and gardening. I really hope you enjoy my blog – like love, kindness and all great things, it is completely free of charge.

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