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Giving 10% of my income to charity. Your questions answered

Just over a year ago today I took a lifetime pledge to give 10% of my pre-tax income to whichever organisations I believe can most effectively use my money to improve the lives of others.

It wasn’t an easy decision but a year on I am absolutely confident it was the right one.

I wanted to write this post to anyone who’s thinking about whether or not to donate a significant portion of their income to effective causes. Before taking the pledge I had a lot of questions and doubts. I speak to many people with the same questions I had so I wanted to try and answer some of them honestly and openly so that people can decide for themselves.

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How I found my focus

You may have noticed the blog writing has been somewhat sporadic recently.

I just about managed to get something out in December about New Year’s Resolutions then fell off the world as I organised my previous company’s national sales conference in Wales, and then resurfaced in Brighton just long enough to tell you I’d be moving to Oxford.

So often I am caught up in a whirlwind of busyness. With an exciting new role which I am free to shape as I see fit, and plenty of new opportunities for clubs to join, campaigns to support and people to meet it would be so easy to end up chasing my tail.

Do you feel the same? Are there are just so many things you could be doing that it becomes exhausting?

So how can we choose? How can we focus?

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EA Brighton

Christmas at Crisis

Christmas at Crisis: Short Term, High Impact Volunteering at its Finest

For me, this Christmas season was much the same as any other. I watched old films and played Monopoly. I stayed up late and talked into the early hours. I connected with others.

I did this with my family and loved ones as usual – the difference this year was that I also spent two nights doing these things with homeless rough sleepers.

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One New Year’s Resolution I really recommend

As the New Year approaches people are beginning to think about their New Year resolutions.  I still haven’t decided mine so I’d love suggestions in the comments.  I have weekly and monthly goals and a Day Zero List to keep up with so I already have a few resolutions to keep.

One thing I would thoroughly recommend as a New Year’s resolution is to pledge a percentage of your income to charity.   Last New Year I took the Giving What We Can Try Giving pledge and donated 5% of my pre-tax income to the Schistosomiasis Control Initiative.

This felt like such a valuable contribution I soon took the full Giving What We Can 10% pledge and I’ve not looked back since.

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