Brighton Half Marathon 2015

before race crowd

It’s the day after the morning before.  No hangover as a result of my birthday but I am very tired and my knees ache.

Yesterday I celebrated my birthday at the pub with some friends…oh and ran 13.1 miles. Two hours, 10 minutes and 20 seconds of pounding the pavement in Brighton as part of the Vitality Brighton Half Marathon Website.

Much more than that though, as things stand today together we’ve raised £730.18 for the Schistosomiasis Control Initiative (SCI).

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Easy Vegan Chilli Recipe

2014-06-16 20.18.52Even before I was vegan this had become a staple of my diet because it meets the main criteria for my cooking

  • it’s easy to make
  • it’s low calorie
  • it can be batch frozen for easy microwave meals later
  • it’s delicious.

The recipe I use is based on something the Change4Life healthy eating initiative you may have seen advertised with the little Plasticine family.   Whilst I can imagine a lot of people roll their eyes at a government initiative to tackle obesity the recipes are actually easy, tasty and healthy.  A discussion about national and individual health is probably for another post but for now I’ll just say the site is worth checking out.

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