10 ways to save money and lives

I wrote recently about how supporting Fair Trade products when you go shopping may not be the most effective way to help those in poverty. But the idea of making a difference every time you go shopping is an attractive one. And it can still be done.

By taking the Giving What We Can pledge you can make a truly significant difference to the lives of people living in extreme poverty. 10% may seem like a lot but it doesn’t take too many changes to save a significant amount of money.

This is the first in a series of easy ethical changes you can make to do more good.

Why not try some of these 10 spending swaps and donate the money saved to effective charities?

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Just Try Giving

This year, after much procrastination in 2014, I saw in the New Year by taking the Try Giving pledge with Giving What We Can. I have pledged to give 5% of my income to effective charities throughout 2015. It was a big step for me but I can’t imagine ever looking back.

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Why effective altruism?

So what is Effective Altruism anyway?  What is it that has inspired me to donate 5% of my income to a charity I’ve only just learnt to pronounce, to run a half marathon and to set up an Effective Altruism Brighton Meetups group?

Over the next 3 weeks I will be publishing three articles; Why Effective Altruism? Why Go Vegan? and Why Buy Ethically?  

Now that you’ve read how this blog started, I want to give you a bit more detail about the three main areas of ethics I am focusing on and why.

This is the first of that series: Why Effective Altruism?

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The Day Zero Project

What have you always wanted to do?  Sky Dive? Volunteer abroad? Take a pottery course? Learn French?

And what are you waiting for? More time.  More money. To summon the courage.  Tomorrow.

The Day Zero Project helps you achieve those dreams, big or small, by motivating you to commit to them, share your intentions and just do it.  No more infinite tomorrows for you to put your life on hold for.  Live your life now.

In 2011 I began my first Day Zero List and this set me on the path to where I am today.  This has included many adventures and is also what has lead me to this current ethical escapade. Here’s how…

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Calling Brighton Effective Altruists

Don’t worry I’m not counting this as my post for the week, that I’ve already written and sent to someone at Giving What We Can to see if I can cross post it on there too which is exciting.

On top of that potential link with them I’d also really like to set up a local Effective Altruism group and I wondered if anyone in the Brighton/Sussex area would be interested in joining me?   Continue reading

A history of how this blog began

If you’ve spent any time here you’ll see I am passionate about making the world a better place.

I imagine that is probably true of most people.

If you’re anything like me you’ve probably spent time wondering how exactly, in a world full of so many issues (and opportunities) you can do that.

This blog is full of my current best answers to that question.

So how did I start on this particular path?

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