What did we learn living on less?

Over the last couple of weeks Coralie then Larissa and Barry have lived on £1.50 a day for a week and five days respectively.

Why did we do it?

UNICEF-IF-300x246 (1)We wanted to raise awareness of the terrible plight of so many people across the world and do something to help.   This challenge perfectly combines raising awareness with taking action by raising money for Deworm the World.

Half of the world lives on less than £905 a year of which around 65% is spent on food.  That figure is adjusted for the buying power of different countries!  Can you imagine living on the small amount of food we’ve been eating all your life?

That’s why the challenge was to live on £1.50 a day for food.  65% of £905 divided by 365.   Yes that’s £1.61 but £1.50 is a nice round number.

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Barry’s Experience Poverty Blog: Day 4

Thursday 30th April 2015:

Now this maybe pure coincidence, however I awoke this morning and I have a rash appear on my back, legs and neck. Itches BAD! Give it till Monday if no better, off to the quack.

Breakfast 6:30 am. Nothing!

Bread all gone. PANIC! Don’t fancy rice for breakfast, but it might come to that!

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Barry’s Experience Poverty Blog: Day 3

Wednesday 29th April 2015

Half way through and if I’m totally honest, I can’t bloody wait till it’s over!

I can’t say that this experiment is enjoyable, but on a really strange level (and in fear of sounding incredibly pretentious) it is giving me a sense of wellbeing.

I now have to qualify that statement.  I don’t mean that I feel physically good, quite the opposite, it is really awful feeling even mildly hungry and miss chips like mad.  I got thinking this morning, I remember as a kid, whining to my mum “I’m starving” after just a scant couple of hours after a large, steaming bowl of ready brek with half a dozen spoons of sugar stirred into it.  Kids eh? If only they knew the half of it!! What I mean is that it is the sense of wellbeing that comes from the knowledge that we are doing some good from the inconvenience. Deworming and bringing some modicum of relief as a result of our own momentary discomfort.

Anyway enough of me making more of what I’m doing than it really is! On with my delighting you with tales of my time in gastronomic purgatory!

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Barry’s Experience Poverty Blog: Day 2

Tuesday 28th April 2015

Managed to make it through the night, woohoo!

It’s amazing how becoming increasingly aware of the plight of others, brings home just how lucky I am.  I get out of my comfy bed, shower in water that is clean enough to drink, put on freshly laundered clothes, put the telly on and watch Game of Thrones that I recorded on Sky last night.  All stuff I take for granted in my comfortable little world.  I must never forget just how privileged I am.

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Barry’s Experience Povert Blog: Day 1

Monday 27th April 2015:

I’ll not pretend that this experience poverty event will give me even the slightest familiarity of how the world’s hundreds of millions poorest live form day to day.

Restricting my daily food budget to £1.50 a day may mean that towards the end of the five days, I might start to feel a bit hungrier, maybe a little more tired, a bit inconvenienced by the restriction on variety of food that is available.  I’ll not, however, have to experience what it’s like to walk 5 miles to get water, suffer because the lack of basic (and not so basic) medicines, become exhausted due to hot/cold climate or succumb to the numerous illnesses because everyone has to defecate in the street.

What it will enable me to do though, is raise some awareness and some cash for preventing tropical diseases caused by parasitic worms.

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